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Re: Preparing the m68k port for the future.

[possible m68k/coldfire future]


While I am almost 100% an x86 person myself, I like the 'Universal OS' 
aspect of Debian in the sense of 'runs on any hardware I can find' very 
much for ideological/advocacy reasons.  Not only as "something other Linux 
distros don't do', but also as a very serious argument of being able to use 
more or less the same environment everywhere - for example, on both my 
workstation and also the embedded device I'm developing (producing reduced 
flash images by stripping out all unnecessary files from a full Debian 
install is something I've done in the past and found very, very easy to 
maintain on upgrades, too.)

In that sense: good luck to you and keep that port alive!

-- vbi

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