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Re: Help

On Tue, Aug 09, 2005 at 06:07:09AM -0400, Mark Duckworth wrote:
> Firstly, what type of Atari machine do you have?  Basically you need
> what was referenced in the more recent email from Petr.  Cecile, AHDI or
> some other application.  The beginning of your basic education involves
> what type of machine you have though, and what accessories.

CLab Falcon 030 with CT60 and I recently got an overclockable CPU plus clock
module. CTEX for the day when the EtherNAT arrives. Michael should have the
same except he has a standard Falcon. I removed the SCSI harddisk and put in
a notebook disk. An external powersupply. I haven't removed any of the
patches which the CLab Falcon has, I think it works with them as well.
I'll have a look at the software, but I think I already tried AHDI and
HDDriver, to no avail. I don't think I tried Cecile yet.

> Well this is a real computer.  The cartridge based machines were toys in
> my eyes.

The VCS2600 is not a toy! ;-)

> It's interesting to me if you bought a falcon and a CT60 without having
> much knowledge of atari 32bit machines.  Seems like a big investment.

Yes, it was a pretty big investment. That was before I knew that m68k was
being demoted to second class. Once these machines are running, they should
be about twice as fast as our fastest Amigas, and have four times as much
RAM. Plus a 100MBit NIC, and maybe even USB. The plan was to have them as
ultra fast buildds and maybe developer machines. With them, a linux-2.6
kernel build could be finished in as little as one day!

> I don't however know how to get linux installed on it ;)

Somebody already successfully installed on it and I could boot a kernel. I
have no doubts that it will work.


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