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Re: Help

On Tue, Aug 09, 2005 at 04:59:36AM -0400, Mark Duckworth wrote:
> > If that's outside your league, there are still more things you could do.
> > Christian Steigies and Michael Schmitz both have a CT060, but they're
> > having problems setting it up; if yours is running correctly and running
> > Debian, perhaps you could help them fix their issues.
> > 
> Not running debian yet.  That's the first thing to do is get that
> installed.  I'll have to repartition my disk as I have like a 20gig
> partition dedicated to mint that could be shrank a bit ;)  I'll probably
> just buy another hdd instead to dedicate for debian stuff.

I haven't powered my box on for a while, so my memory is fading. As an atari
newbie, I have problems with getting the hardisk recognized. IIRC I
successfully partitioned and formatted the disk from linux, but I have
trouble mounting the disk from TOS when it boots up. I think I always have
to load a driver from floppy to get it recognized. All the TOS software I
found would not make the disk bootable. Is there free software out there
that can partions the disk and make it bootable, so that I can access it
immediately after booting? Would be very helpful if I actually want to boot
linux on the machine. The machine came with no software. I did get a
harddisk (400MB or so) with some software on it, also some hdd tool, but
that refused to work with the 060 I think. I've been searching the web for
quite a while, with not too much success, so maybe you as an atari expert
can teach me the basics.

The is much easier with my first atari... just pop in the catridge, power on
and play away...

BTW did you flash your CT60 yet? I ordered the jtag cable, if it would
arrive within the next two weeks, we could flash Michaels CT60 as well, when
I am in Duesseldorf.


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