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Re: help with NIC needed


There is no PCMCIA socket driver for the Gayle chip (I am/was working on
one), so none of the *_cs drivers are compiled by default, or work.

I see, I missed a point that pcmcia is one problem and what it serves is another

The fact that a card works on a PC is no guarantee at all that it will
work under Linux/m68k. I have tried several 10/100 Mbit cards which
normally use the pcnet_cs driver, and none of them work. Only the
cheapest kind of NE2000 compatible cards seem to work.

most manufacturers wouldnt even say if it is ne2k (or even whatever). I will pay a visit to ebay I guess :)

but if we can get the one working under Amiga running on m68k linux I am happy. btw. if you check amigaOS sites in the net you will find that this card is very popular.

Kind regards,


Dominik Szczerba, Dr.
Computer Vision Lab CH-8092 Zurich

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