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Re: help with NIC needed

Hallo Kars,

Thanks a lot for the reply.

The only supported PCMCIA cards are NE2000 clones, using the apne

bad news :(

By the way, aren't you talking about the 3C589 card (which is the PCMCIA
version of the Etherlink III)?

I read on the card: 3c589D Etherlink III, and it is connected thru PCMCIA.
So it is simply neither supported by kernel nor any module?

work are NE2000 clones and UART/modem cards. Others just reset the
machine as soon as you plug them in, keeping it in reset state after
that, or just don't work at all (don't even get detected properly).

mine works fine under the native system, but is not detected during linux bootstrap (or I still hope I need some module). what confuses me is that this card is listed in the kernel module list, but these modules are just not there. Maybe I need a disk with extra drivers. I noticed drivers.tgz and drivers.bin, are they the same?

I have a 3C589 card myself, and I could get it to detect OK but I
couldn't transmit/receive any packets. After hours of frustration I just
gave up on it and plugged back in my old Dynalink L10BC.

In other words... just get an NE2000 clone ;-)

Are such clones widely available e.g. for PC's? (read: reasonably priced)

thanks a lot!

Kind regards,


Dominik Szczerba, Dr.
Computer Vision Lab CH-8092 Zurich

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