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Re: apt-get problems on Quadra 610

On Thursday, September 16 2004 at 13:47 PM -0600, krempel@nextsteps.org wrote:
> I hope I'm in the right list for this kind of question...
> Okay, so I'm a Mac user who has decided to get his feet wet 
> in linux. Totally new to this so if you've answered this 
> question a thousand times please bear with me.
> I have several old Macs lying around and I thought I'd 
> start with the oldest and see if it could be used for 
> something other than a doorstop.
> The machine is a Quadra 610  25 MHz 68040 with 44 MB of 
> RAM, 230 MB HD

I am running Debian (woody) on a Mac SE/30 (16 MHz
68030 with 80 MB RAM and 4 GB HD).  I am also connected
via DSL, but have a static ip rather than DHCP.

As you surmised, your problem is not related to using a
slow machine, as I can assure you mine is much slower!  
I have yet to encounter a problem using apt-get, and
can not yet explain yours.  

Did you have apt-get install any packages as part of
your Debian install, or did you use apt-get for the
first time post-Debian install?  I suppose one
possibility would be to repeat the Debain installation,
and configure apt-get to install some packages at that
point, and see if it functions properly then.  If so,
then it should also work post-install.

|     Barry Skidmore     |
|    Macintosh SE/30     |
|  Debian Linux (woody)  |
| www.macconnection.net  |

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