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Re: Testing 2.4.x or 2.6.x kernels on Amiga

On Fri, Aug 27, 2004 at 10:32:24PM -0500, Dr. Peter Krummrich wrote:
> The description sounds good. One question that came to my mind - what can I
> do, if the new kernel does not boot, i.e. how can I return to my old
> kernel? Can I just boot the old one using amiboot and the old vmlinuz file
> on my Amiga partition (are the appropriate modules, config and system map
> still there)?

Sure, as long as the package has a different name, the modules will also be
in a different location. Ie in your case you have 2.2.20, no problem to
install 2.2.25, 2.4.25, 2.4.26, 2.4.27 and 2.6.8 next to it. Actually the recent
kernel-images also have the subarch name included, so you could install the
official 2.4.27-amiga, and build you own 2.4.27. No conflicts. Actually,
that's what I use the shift keys in my zsh config for ;-)
But i don't really boot that often, to make big use of it.

If you need more versions of one kernel-version version, just set EXTRAVER
in the kernel-source Makefile to a unique identifier.


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