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Re: Error while loading shared libraries: unexpected PLT reloc type 0x00

Samuel Mimram wrote:


[Please CC me on reply]

I have some problems with the compilation of coq on 68k:

The configure gives the error

ocamlrun: error while loading shared libraries: unexpected PLT reloc
type 0x00
I found the Objective-Caml compiler but cannot find its version number!
Is it installed properly ?
Configuration script failed!
make: *** [configure-stamp] Error 1

This package did compile on m68k a few days ago (I see no change in the
package that could have caused this error) and I don't have this kind of
error on other archs.

Googling a bit gave me the thread
on this list, where it turned out to be a binutils / glibc problem.

Has anyone an idea of what's going wrong here?

Thank you in advance.

Please direct m68k-build questions to m68k-build@nocrew.org unless you really wanted to ask this on the debian on m68k-machines users maillist, which debian-68k is. CC set.

HTH, Erik
Erik C.J. Laan				elaan at dds.nl
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