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Re: m68k und ipv6?

KK> now that i have a somewhat working setup up and running, i've tried to
KK> play around with it. Loading the ipv6 module seems to work ok and i can
KK> assign addresses to eth0. Yet any attempt to use them fails. I cannot
KK> even ping6 to any host. Suggestions what's going wrong? (Yes, the ipv6
KK> is working with all other hosts in the lan)

Yes, I have tried it on my Quadra 840AV with 2.2.25 and failed with the
same symptoms as you. As you were already told, 2.2 is too old, 2.4
should work with ipv6 (2.4.21+ is recommended) and most m68k machines
(but not macs), 2.6 works with ipv6 but very few m68k's run it yet.

Additionally, you might stumble upon Ethernet multicast problems. IPv4
didn't need Ethernet level multicast to function but IPv6 has dropped
broadcasts in favour of multicast and so it depends on multicast for
even basic functionality - like neighbour discovery (ARP analogue).

Some NIC's have hardware problems with multicast but these are quite
rare in practice.

But NIC driver needs to support multicast too (IPv6 testing has shown
multicast problems in several NIC drivers). This mught bite you on m68k
too - does anyone know which m68k ethernet drivers work with multicast
and which don't?

I have also seen ipv6-disabling multicast problems with high-end
switches but these were cured by firmware update.

Meelis Roos

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