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kernel 2.4 and d-i


now when I know how exactly how the ST-RAM swap fails I can play with
the recently corrected "stram_swap" kernel option to make it working the
way I want. Example: I want to boot with video=atafb:vga16 (16-colors
VGA resolution) but without ST-RAM swap this fails (a bug in kernel)
while with ST-RAM swap it crashes (another bug in kernel). However, by
adding the following parameter
I ask the kernel to allocate just 400 kB of ST-RAM as swap space. That
is large enough block for the vga16 videoram (needs about 300 kB) but at
the same time it's small enough to fit between the kernel and the initrd
in the 4 MB of ST-RAM so it doesn't overwrite the ramdisk and thus the
boot doesn't fail.

The result of this trial is that I passed the moment where the d-i on
kernel 2.4 freezed (and turned the font color from white to red). Now I
am at the following stage:

bogl: don't know screen type 2

I remember I faced the same problem with Woody installation but there
the mysterious "nolangchooser" kernel option helped. No idea what to
pass into Sarge's install. Neither an idea why this bogl returns again
and again. What is screen type 2 and why bogl doesn't like it?

Also note that I hope to get the above mentioned kernel bugs fixed
sometime soon but before that happens you can play with the swap space
(if the debian m68k kernel accepts the stram_swap option patch) to get
the installer working.


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