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Re: kernel 2.4 and d-i

V Út, 10. 08. 2004 v 21:31, Petr Stehlik píše:
> bogl: don't know screen type 2
> I remember I faced the same problem with Woody installation but there
> the mysterious "nolangchooser" kernel option helped. No idea what to
> pass into Sarge's install.

passing "debian-installer/framebuffer=false" suddenly let the problem go
away. I love these little tricks you dash off when I have a problem :)

Thanks, Stephen.

So now I am able to run the d-i successfully with both kernel 2.2
(unmodified Debian release, IIRC) and kernel 2.4 (CVS version +
stram_swap trick, d-i/framebuffer trick) with the help of modified
bootstrap.prg (that allows loading initrd into FastRAM if the ST-RAM is
too low).

Next step is to get the EtherNEC working since the installer requires
some network connection:


They mention there is no IRQ line. That will be a tough thing for Linux,
maybe even impossible?


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