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Re: atafb allocates non-STRAM (was Re: kernel 2.2 and d-i)

V Út, 10. 08. 2004 v 13:44, Petr Stehlik píše:
> > > And there, in the "switching to colour frame buffer device" it allocated
> > > the wrong memory and changed the screen_base to point to nowhere.
> > 
> > Which means atafb must be doing something wrong
> what if the 
>   screen_base = atari_stram_alloc(mem_req, "atafb");
> simply returns the wrong address? Then atafb would be perfectly OK then.
> I'll add more debug printks.

Well I decided to simply enable #define DEBUG in the stram.c. Below
you'll see the result for video=atafb:vga16:

atari_stram_alloc: rounded size = 0004c000
atari_stram_alloc: after mem_init, swapping off, get_pages=00f80000

and then in atafb:

atafb_init: screen_base allocated at 00f80000, size=0004c000
set_screen_base(virt=00f80000, phys=01b80000)

and that's it. So atafb is perfectly OK, it just believes the
stram_alloc routine to return valid RAM.


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