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Re: Debian Sarge Installation Manual

V Pá, 06. 08. 2004 v 14:04, Geert Uytterhoeven píše:
> > This has been clear to me. The question was what to pass to the kernel
> > in the bootinfo struct so it would find the ramdisk. Does the bootinfo
> > contains physical addresses? If it did then loading ramdisk to fastram
> Perhaps it's overwritten somewhere? If you start ataboot with the debug option
> (probably -d, that's the option for amiboot), it should print the addresses
> where the ramdisk is copied to.

BTW, ARAnyM LILO copies ramdisk to 0x1000000 (the physical FastRAM

> Does the kernel print the ramdisk addresses during boot up (cfr.
> arch/m68k/kernel/setup.c)?

initrd: 00e00000 - 014bd000

This is probably the same FastRAM, only logically mapped to 0x0e00000.

And then:

RAMDISK: ext2 filesystem found at block 0
RAMDISK: Loading 6900 blocks [1 disk] into ram disk...
write(0, 015be800, 1024) <-- my debug message in do_mounts.c
Current process id is 1
PC: [<0001b716>]
SR: 2304  SP: 014c1e70  a2: 014c0000
d0: 00000000    d1: 00000000    d2: 00000000    d3: 00000400
d4: 00000000    d5: 01566420    a0: 014c1ee2    a1: 01566420
Process swapper (pid: 1, stackpage=014c1000)

But this is ARAnyM so you can ignore it since it could be ARAnyM's MMU

Also note I had to increase the ramdisk size to 8192 kB to allow woody
to fit there.


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