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Re: Debian Sarge Installation Manual

V Čt, 05. 08. 2004 v 15:51, Richard Zidlicky píše:
> > loaded it at one place in FastRAM but passed different values to the
> > kernel that would match the linux PMMU setup it could work?
> Allocate fastram, get the physical address of every allocated page
> (ptestr on 68040, plpar on 68060), sort by physical address and write
> the image to the memory so it is contiguous in physical memory.
> Perhaps you could use smart shortcut if TOS pages are guaranteed
> to be contiguous, perhaps not. That has to be done in the booter,
> the kernel no longer sees the previously active translation tables.

This has been clear to me. The question was what to pass to the kernel
in the bootinfo struct so it would find the ramdisk. Does the bootinfo
contains physical addresses? If it did then loading ramdisk to fastram
would work since TOS maps FastRAM 1:1. But it doesn't work.


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