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Re: Debian Sarge Installation Manual

V Út, 03. 08. 2004 v 14:20, Stephen R Marenka píše:
> > Could please someone with Atari (and their own working kernel) give it a
> > try and tell me if the d-i works or not. I tried several last builds but
> > it doesn't do anything. I am also wondering if it's OK that the ramdisk
> > file of Sarge's d-i is only 4 MB large - Woody has 7 MB file (and
> > works).
> The 2.4-based ramdisks use shmfs (and pivot_root) for the actual
> installation root. It comes out to be about 12MB.

Hmmm. In your daily/atari folder there is just floppy-root.img.gz of
size 1.2 MB. When this is unpacked it's a HD floppy image and when that
one is unpacked again (loop mount) and again (the file.gz found on the
floppy) the resulting file size is slightly over 4 MB. Not sure what
shmfs and pivot_root is but there is not 12 MB of data anywhere as far
as I can see.

Also, I managed to get the woody install working when I replaced the
root=/dev/ram with a physical device and so skipped the part where the
root is loaded to ramdisk and unpacked there.

Now is the shmfs/pivot_root supposed be fooled by the same trick
(root=/dev/hdx) or won't this work at all?

> Would it help if I built a kernel using your proposed patch?

Chris already built the kernel and everybody should test it (I'll do
that when I get home tonight). But this is not a kernel question but
rather problem of small RAM again. I have just 4 MB of RAM, 2 of it
consumes the kernel. There are about 2 MB left. Not enough for any
ramdisk. I need a way of skipping the ramdisk phase... When the kernel
is running there are 64 MB of FastRAM available so it's OK, I just need
to get the d-i running without the ramdisk somehow.


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