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Re: how to build bootstrap for Atari on linux-ia32

V Po, 02. 08. 2004 v 09:33, Geert Uytterhoeven píše:
> > what is new and what is old? I tried using 2.2.25 include folder but it
> > fails with
> 2.0 is `old', 2.2 is `new'.

no problem since Brad suggested to #define __KERNEL__ there. Now it
compiles cleanly with 2.2.25 include files.

> > Last year you told me to check out the latest bootstrap sources from
> > CVS. I just did that and compared it with source code of bootstrap I
> > happened to find elsewhere and the CVS source was older - didn't contain
> > support for CT2 (Centurbo II accelerator for Falcon). So it seems that
> > the development was not carried there lately.
> Strange... I didn't know that. AFAIK it's been years ago anyone really touched
> m68kboot.
> BTW, where did you find an ataboot with CT2 support?

If I knew where I got it from I would download it again, patched the CVS
source and sent you cvs diff. Couldn't it be one of the old m68k FTP
bastion like uni-erlargen.de? Roman Hodek's University FTP server? I
can't remember.

Anyway. The problem with installing Debian on Atari is that kernel +
ramdisk don't fit into ST-RAM. This got to be solved somehow. I tried
loading ramdisk to FastRAM but it didn't boot. Didier then told me that
linux expects to have the ramdisk 'appended' to the kernel code
(=located right behind the kernel in memory). So I tried to load both
kernel and ramdisk to FastRAM but this fails because there is an OLD bug
in kernel somewhere that causes kernel in FastRAM to fail - on Falcon it
shows too high bogomips which is most probably a visual proof that more
than half of timer interrupts are being lost.

I would say that the kernel should be fixed to work in FastRAM properly
but since it might be a tough task then finding a workaround for Debian
installation could be faster. The root=/dev/hdx worked for Woody (and
failed for Sarge, dunno why yet) so if this was documented it could help
a bit. Maybe that the bootstrap could help with this? It doesn't even
print a warning if the ramdisk is not loaded due to too low memory,


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