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Re: ASDG EB920 Ethernet Support In Debian m68k

> > Since this card is not yet supported, it was probably generating
> > continuous interrupts, making the system appear to lock up.  I have the
> > config-heartbeat turned on, so even when the system appeared to be
> > locked up, the heartbeat was still flashing on the power led.
> >
> > When I pulled the card, the system behaves quite solid (it would lock up
> > within a few minutes of boot before).
> >
> > Now I'll test with the Seagate drive back in the system, but I suspect
> > that all will be working fine there also.
> >
> > Comments?
> That's very plausible. Amiboot contains shut-up code for a few known cards, in
> case they were activated under AmigaOS. Obviously there's no such shut-up code
> for the LanRover (yet), and an incoming packet will cause an interrupt, while
> there's no interrupt handler that knows how to ack the interrupt -> kaboom!
> Does the problem go away if you do not initialize the LanRover under AmigaOS,
> but boot into Linux as early as possible?

That might explain another issue I see.  Perhaps AmiBoot needs an
update.  To boot linux on my EGS Spectrum equipped A2000, I have to run
AmiBoot before the clgen drivers are loaded.  Otherwise the boot will
just hang at the white screen after the kernel is loaded into memory.
The clgen drivers are loaded near the beginning of the startup-sequence.

Unfortunately, I am also seeing this problem with the 2.4.24 kernel I
have recently built from CVS sources.  I used the .config I had for
2.4.20 (make oldconfig) as the starting point, turning off new features
as they were presented.

The new kernel built without error, but getting it to start just gave me
the white screen.  I know the kernel actually loaded and was running,
since I compile with CONFIG_HEARTBEAT set and I saw the LED flashing.

Another observation is that Linux m68k for the Amiga will build without
error from the 2.4.24 available at Kernel.org.  But the resulting
executable behaves as the kernel I built from the CVS sources.

Lastly, it looks like linux is working properly with the LanRover board
installed and the ST15150N connected. I boot with both mouse buttons
held down and select boot without startup sequnce.  I'll probably move
the linuxboot section of my startup-sequence like my other machine (with
the EGS board).

> Gr{oetje,eeting}s,
> 						Geert
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