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Re: ASDG EB920 Ethernet Support In Debian m68k

> I took a quick look. Seems like it's very similar to the Hydra driver.
> It does support a MAC address in ROM, though.

You said you took a quick look, where?  I've been over the netbsd site,
found a www access to their source tree, but I have not been able to
locate a file that looks like an 8390 driver or an ethernet driver.

I'd appreciate if you could point me in the right direction.

It looks like the MAC address on the EB-920 (LanRover) card is in a 32
byte PROM chip (74288) so I should be able to program a part for my
other card.

> If possible, I suggest to add support for it to zorro8390.c, not hydra.c.
> zorro8390.c is the generic 8390 driver used for Ariadne 2 and X-Surf. It uses
> the standard 8390 RAM access port for getting packets in/out of the card.
> hydra.c is less generic and special because on Hydra you cannot access the
> standard 8390 RAM access port, so you have to access RAM directly.

Well, since I don't know enough to have a preference, that's where I'll
start (zoorro8390.c).



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