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Re: ASDG EB920 Ethernet Support In Debian m68k

On Tue, 3 Feb 2004, Lance Tagliapietra wrote:
> I was able to pull the NetBSD source tree as you did and found the files
> that seem to be relevant.
> I also think I have found the root cause to my problems with this A2000.
> Recall that I had been observing random Lock-ups with Linux, and most
> recently thought that it was a problem with communications with a
> ST15150N hard disk.  I had previously thought that the problem was with
> a bad 4 Megs SIMM.
> I replaced the ST15150N drive with a Quantum drive, and started
> observing the same lock up problems, with and without the extra 4M
> installed.  It finally occured to me what I had changed in the system,
> as it had been running Linux quite reliably.
> I added the ASDG LanRover card in the system.  My guess is that when it
> received data it would generate an interrupt(s) which would cause the
> sytem to lock up?   Since my LAN is not that busy, though could occur at
> random times.
> Since this card is not yet supported, it was probably generating
> continuous interrupts, making the system appear to lock up.  I have the
> config-heartbeat turned on, so even when the system appeared to be
> locked up, the heartbeat was still flashing on the power led.
> When I pulled the card, the system behaves quite solid (it would lock up
> within a few minutes of boot before).
> Now I'll test with the Seagate drive back in the system, but I suspect
> that all will be working fine there also.
> Comments?

That's very plausible. Amiboot contains shut-up code for a few known cards, in
case they were activated under AmigaOS. Obviously there's no such shut-up code
for the LanRover (yet), and an incoming packet will cause an interrupt, while
there's no interrupt handler that knows how to ack the interrupt -> kaboom!

Does the problem go away if you do not initialize the LanRover under AmigaOS,
but boot into Linux as early as possible?



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