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gvp scsi and Seagate ST15150N


Has anyone else tried using an ST 15150N (4.3G scsi) on a GVP 030 combo
card with Linux m68k?  It seems that I'm narrowing what I thought was a
RAM issue to be a SCSI incompatability.  This card as the 33c93/9
controller as identified by dmesg and looking at the part itself.

The problem is that the scsi bus will lock up, and then the whole
machine will deadlock (requiring ctrl-A-A reboot).  Even the caps lock
led will not come on when it locks up.  It typically happens on an
observable drive access (fsck of the partition).

Putting a 3.2G Quantum in the same spot does not seem to have this

Is there anything I can do (turn debugging on - how?) to help track this
down for the group?  Or is this a known issue?  Or is there information
needed to give a better view of the problem to the group?



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