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Re: Mutt not finding messages in mbox format file

On Fri, Aug 22, 2003 at 06:15:16PM -0500, Lance Tagliapietra wrote:


> >From lancetag@luminet Sun, 10 Aug 3 23:02:23
> >From lancetag@luminet Fri Aug 22 11:50:13 2003
> The first example demonstates the format on the Mutt home page.
> The second example demonstrates what Mutt requires.
> Does your mbox format file show this this format?

my mbox format looks like the second example. You may
send me a small example mbox that doesn't work with your
mutt and I will look what my various Mailers do with it.

I think it is ok though, mbox is very "free-form" format
without terribly well defined quoting rules so it must be
strict somewhere, otherwise you would see fwded messages
wrongly split on a daily base.

> Also, the formail suggestion didn't work, as it found the 
> >From line in the first example acceptable.

> > formail -ds <orig-mbox > new_mbox

strange, it should split the mails in every case and not 
generate wrong headers.


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