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Re: Mutt not finding messages in mbox format file

Hello Richard,

A couple weeks back you responded to my query about not
being able to get Mutt to work on Linux-m68k.  First,
I'd like to thank you for confirming that it works. And
as you can see, I also got exim working to send this
email to you.  

I did want to point something out to you and ask if it
is working the same way for you.  It does seem that
Mutt as configured for Debian does not want too see
the From line as it is described on the Mutt home
page and FAQ information.  My mbox format mail file
has the From lines in that format, but Mutt will not
identify the messages.  It seems that Exim generates
from lines in a slightly different format, that Mutt
has been configured (trained?) to read. Examples follow,
please disregard the ">" signs.

>From lancetag@luminet Sun, 10 Aug 3 23:02:23
>From lancetag@luminet Fri Aug 22 11:50:13 2003

The first example demonstates the format on the Mutt home page.
The second example demonstrates what Mutt requires.

Does your mbox format file show this this format?

Also, the formail suggestion didn't work, as it found the 
>From line in the first example acceptable.

Thanks again,


> > Hello,
> > 
> > I'm trying to get Mutt working on my 68K debian machine.
> > I have put an mbox format file in /var/mail/username
> > which the bsd mail program reads just fine.
> > 
> > When I run Mutt, it reads the file, but it does not find
> > any messages in it.  I know it reads the file, it does
> > show the size of file on its window, and I've watched
> > the disk activity when it was a larger mbox format file
> > I was testing.  Also tested a small file, no difference.
> never had a problem with mutt on m68k, even reading strange
> maildirs and mboxes worked fine.
> If the mbox is nonstandard, try feeding it through
> formail:
> formail -ds <orig-mbox > new_mbox
> mutt -f new_mbox
> Richard
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