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Re: Mutt not finding messages in mbox format file

Hi Richard and Christian,

Thanks for the suggestions and the confirmation that Mutt works
on the 68K architecture.  I figured out what was wrong, and will
post it here for posterity.

It seems that Mutt is much more particular about the format of the
From_ line than the BSD mail reader.  From my observations, Mutt
requires a From_ line in the format of:

>From user@host DDD MMM NN HH:MM:SS YYYY

DDD is the 3 letter day abbreviation,
MMM is the 3 letter month abbreviation,
NN is the number of the day
HH:MM:SS is the current time
YYYY is the 4 digit year.

The mbox format mail file I was using for testing had
the date/time inforamtion on the From_ line in a slightly
different order, such that Mutt would not see it as the
start of a message.  The BSD type mail program did not
have a problem with either format of the From_ line.
The test file was generated by AmiPOP, used on the AmigaOS
side of things.

The hint was that cron generated an email message, and I noticed
that it had a From_ line which was different from the other
messages which I had imported for testing out Mutt.


> On Sun, Aug 10, 2003 at 02:10:19AM +0000, Lance Tagliapietra wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I'm trying to get Mutt working on my 68K debian machine.
> > I have put an mbox format file in /var/mail/username
> > which the bsd mail program reads just fine.
> > 
> > When I run Mutt, it reads the file, but it does not find
> > any messages in it.  I know it reads the file, it does
> > show the size of file on its window, and I've watched
> > the disk activity when it was a larger mbox format file
> > I was testing.  Also tested a small file, no difference.
> never had a problem with mutt on m68k, even reading strange
> maildirs and mboxes worked fine.
> If the mbox is nonstandard, try feeding it through
> formail:
> formail -ds <orig-mbox > new_mbox
> mutt -f new_mbox
> Richard
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