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Re: xfree86 4.3.0-0pre1v1 - request for porting help!

On Tue, May 27, 2003 at 01:57:56PM -0400, Christian T. Steigies wrote:
> On Tue, May 27, 2003 at 12:37:15PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> > I haven't yet put the thing back together because it's very complicated
> > and I can't remember how.  Also I'd like to scare up some 1" or shorter
> > 72-pin 32MB FPM SIMMS so I can max out the RAM and I never have to open
> > the thing again.
> I just gave four of those to my sister who is going to ship them to Wouter.
> I did not find it too hard to upgrade my Quadra 840AV with them? If you had
> said something, I could have ordered some for you (again).

Well, I did say something, way back when I first tried to put them in.

> But them, I am still waiting for the reimbursement of the first lot of
> memory upgrades (not the ones for you personally), but I am willing to
> tell you the "secret" place where I ordered them.

That went in the mail today (USPS priority mail, certified with a return
receipt, so there should be lots of audit trail if it gets "lost").  I
accept full responsibility for the unholy delay.

If you want to let me in on your "secret", that would be cool, otherwise
let's see what we can do.  A disassembled Quadra 840AV takes up space in
my office that is needed for stacks of SPI paperwork.  :-/

> Under $10 a piece plus shipping.

Cool.  Should we take this to private mail?

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