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Re: xfree86 4.3.0-0pre1v1 - request for porting help!

> > What's the fuss? Doesn't Branden have a m68k to build on?
> He doesn't, to my knowledge, and neither do I.

Quoting a message from Branden in reply to a previous xfree build hiccup:

On Mon, Sep 10, 2001 at 04:58:25PM +0100, James Troup wrote:
> Michael Schmitz <schmitz@zirkon.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de> writes:
> > > I think we need to coordinate this better... the buildd picked this package
> > > (and failed AFAICS, it used the sparc kernel headers?). I've built
> > > this package, and Branden built this package. I tried to register it with
> > > wannt-build only hours after I started, kullervo had already started a
> > > build.

Sorry about this.  I started a build on my Quadra and didn't know
whether or not to presume the buildd or cts would go after it.  I
figured if they did, whoever got to incoming first would win.

So at some point he had a Quadra (840 AV to be precise) and did take over
the xfree building for m68k himself. Did he stop doing that later on?


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