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Re: LC 475 partition table

on 5/7/03 4:58 AM, Richard Hector wrote:

>I'm trying to install woody on a Mac LC 475, with HDD upgraded to a 1.2G
>Quantum from a PowerMac (so it's apple branded), 12 MB RAM, and with an
>Asante NIC. Oh, and it reports no FPU, which I gather can cause problems,
>but I don't know if that includes this one. Can the CPU just be swapped
>for one with an FPU, or can an FPU be added?

You can swap the no-FPU 040 chip for a full 040. This is a common 
upgrade, since neither linux or bsd run properly on the no-FPU chip.

Sometimes hard drives from PowerMacs have Apple disk drivers that are 
PowerMac only and are difficult to downgrade into 68k compatibility.

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