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Re: LC 475 partition table

On Wed, 2003-05-07 at 04:58, Richard Hector wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to install woody on a Mac LC 475, with HDD upgraded to a 1.2G
> Quantum from a PowerMac (so it's apple branded), 12 MB RAM, and with an
> Asante NIC. Oh, and it reports no FPU, which I gather can cause problems,
> but I don't know if that includes this one. Can the CPU just be swapped
> for one with an FPU, or can an FPU be added?

Yes, you can replace the 68LC040 with a 68040.  They are pin compatible
and the LC475 has a socketed chip.  I have an LC475 which was upgraded
in this manner.  The LC040 you have is almost definitely broken, as I
have yet to see an LC040 based Apple Mac that has a chip with a revision
indicating the corrected microcode. 

> The problem I'm having is that whether I use the Apple tool (from System
> 7.1) or mac-fdisk from within the installation system, the kernel won't
> recognise the partition table properly. It thinks there is only one
> partition: DOS sda1. fdsik finds and updates the partition table with no
> problems. I followed the instructions to use the name 'swap' for the
> swap partition, with the default type of unix. Either way - the Apple
> tool sees the partitions created by fdisk, fdisk sees the partitions
> created by teh Apple tool, but the kernel doesn't see any of them. I had
> a look in /proc/partition-formats and mac is listed, so it hasn't been
> left out of the kernel by mistake.
> Any suggestions? Any further info required?
> Many thanks,

I have seen a similar problem on two disks I have.  Both are Quantum
disks with Apple ROMS.  MacOS could boot the disk fine, but the Linux
kernel would never recognize any partitions.  Changing the jumpers on
the disk to SCSI ID 1 instead of 0 caused the problem to disappear.  I
have no explanation as to why this made any difference.


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