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Re: X11 install hosed login

Hi Carlos,

I've had this happen once on my Woody install and X on my Amiga.  Fortunately
for me, just a reboot and the system recovered itself, so I didn't have
to go messing in any of the init or other files.  My system only has
16M of RAM, and the problem like this occured after it had crashed.

You may which to try control-alt-F6 or control-alt-F7 which will bring
up a console login if X is not allowing you to log in.  Then if you
still are not able to log in, you will at least be able to reboot
the machine. For completeness, alt-F7 will bring you back into X when
you go to the console while X is active.  Note: These are the key
combinations which do this on my Amiga, I would think that the Mac
would be similar.


> I've got Debian "potato" installed on a Quadra 650 and running nicely.
> After I installed the X11R6 package, which appeared to go smoothly, I am no
> longer able to login to the system.
> The system boots, and gets to the login prompt ok, except for the fact that
> the hostname is listed as "(none)".  When I enter a valid user & password,
> login processes it then fails to load bash, and I'm sitting at the login
> prompt again.  Anyone else ever heard of this?
> I tried to fix this manually, mucking around in inittab, rcS, and other
> places, but I'm no Unix guru, and I haven't come across anything that
> appears to be the cause of the problem.
> Thanks for any help you might have.
> Carlos

Lance Tagliapietra | lancetag@luminet.net | Contract Software Engineer
Amiga Enthusiast   |   TeXnically Aware   | Embedded Systems Developer

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