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LC 475 partition table

Hi all,

I'm trying to install woody on a Mac LC 475, with HDD upgraded to a 1.2G
Quantum from a PowerMac (so it's apple branded), 12 MB RAM, and with an
Asante NIC. Oh, and it reports no FPU, which I gather can cause problems,
but I don't know if that includes this one. Can the CPU just be swapped
for one with an FPU, or can an FPU be added?

The problem I'm having is that whether I use the Apple tool (from System
7.1) or mac-fdisk from within the installation system, the kernel won't
recognise the partition table properly. It thinks there is only one
partition: DOS sda1. fdsik finds and updates the partition table with no
problems. I followed the instructions to use the name 'swap' for the
swap partition, with the default type of unix. Either way - the Apple
tool sees the partitions created by fdisk, fdisk sees the partitions
created by teh Apple tool, but the kernel doesn't see any of them. I had
a look in /proc/partition-formats and mac is listed, so it hasn't been
left out of the kernel by mistake.

Any suggestions? Any further info required?

Many thanks,


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