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New kernel release for Mac (2.2.23)

A new release of the kernel for m68k Macs can be found at the
SourceForge website at

This release provides all the mainstream kernel patches to 2.2.23 and
also adds support for additional Ethernet devices.  The following are a
list of tested Ethernet devices:

For Sonic driver:
Onboard Sonic on Quadra 950, Quadra 650 and Quadra 650.
Macintosh Ethernet LC PN 820-0443-C
Apple Ethernet LC Twisted Pair PN 820-0532-A

For SMC driver:
Asante MacCon CS PN 09-00098-12
API Engineering LC PDS
Spectrum Engineering PDS PN 7ET-L10
Asante AsanteFAST 10/100 Nubus PN 09-00096-01

For Mac8390 driver:
Asante MacCon+610 for 610 PDS slot
Asante MCiLC PN 09-00062-03
Asante MCNB PN 09-00061-02
Asante MC3NB 4 different versions PN 09-0030x-52
Apple Ethernet PN 820-0207A
Farallon Ethernet A-Series 590a-TP
Farallon Ethernet A-Series (different than above no PN)
Farallon EtherMac II-TP 590a-TP
Farallon EtherWave 890-TP
Farallon EtherMac LC-TP 592a-TP
Cabletron DNI PN 9000343-05
DaynaPort E/II-T PN 00802-2001-000
Kinetics EtherPort IIN

The following cards have been tested and DO NOT work with the present

DaynaPort E/Si 30 - should use sonic driver, can't locate sonic register
Apple Ethernet NB Twisted Pair PN 820-0511A - should use sonic driver,
can't locate sonic register address.

Farallon Commslot Card - Should use SMC driver but contains no Nubus ROM
and I can't locate the address of the SMC registers.

DaynaPort E/CS-T (Crystal) - Should use the mac89x0 driver, but it can't
locate the registers. 

Ray Knight

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