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Mac Ethernet cards for trade

In an attempt to improve the supported Ethernet cards on the m68k Macs I
have the following cards supported by the just released 2.2.23 kernel
I'm willing to trade for any unsupported card I do not yet have:

Asante EtherFAST 10/100 Nubus - I'll only trade this for another 10/100
Nubus card that is not yet supported such as the Farallon or Dayna
Nubus cards.

Asante MC3NB Nubus Ethernet 10BT

2 - Asante MacCon CS  - 10BT cards for CommSlot systems.

I also have 4 Farallon Commslot cards based on the SMC chipset that do
currently work.  They contain no NuBus ROM (The Asante card does) and I
have been unable to locate the register address.  I therefore have 3 to
trade if anyone is interested in helping to locate the elusive register.

See my previous kernel announcement for a list of cards I already have.

Ray Knight

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