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Re: XFree 4.1


Have you tried any twiddling with the XF86Config file?  There are a
couple of things I would try:

-Remark out this line:
        Load    "glx"
by putting a # as the first character:
#        Load    "glx"

Also remark this line:
#        Videoram        4096

Try remarking out this line as well:
#        DefaultDepth    8

Or try some different settings:
        DefaultDepth    1
        DefaultDepth    4

These are the first things I would try.  I am confused a little, does X
crash "every" time or "sometimes"?

Also you may try remarking out one or both of these lines:

        Option          "xaa_benchmark"
        Option          "fifo_moderate"

Good luck, I'm running FVWM2 on my Mac Quadra 610, who is a little
jealous of your 50MHz beast...


On Tue, 2003-01-07 at 15:04, Gerhard Täubl wrote:
> Hi!
> Well I read much stuff about xfree and it helps me a lot to get it run, but
> not really.
> When it starts it works fine (yes I have really installed KDE2 wow, real
> slow, but it works..)
> I also read bout the problems on the xfree server 4.0 with the "Caught
> signal 11.  Server aborting" problem. And there is my problem:
> I have an A4000 with Cyberstorm MKII 68060 50MHz about 50MByte RAM and the
> scsi module. The graphic card I used is the Retina Z3.
> I also installed woody, and set up xfree from woody (config file see
> attachment)
> As root I have many problems to start x (startx) most the Cought signal
> error occours, sometimes it tells me it could find a reference in fbdev
> (unresolved ....)
> As normal user it is easier to start X but I get also sometimes this errors,
> so what I've done wrong?
> If you need any more information please let me know
> Gerhard
Lincoln Rutledge
Information Technology Manager
Fairfield County District Library    	740-653-2745 ext. 139
lrutledge[at]fairfield.lib.oh.us	www.fairfield.lib.oh.us		

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