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Mounting my CD-ROM, while installing Woody on my ATARI TT030


under TOS my SCSI-CD-ROM-Drive works fine.

I try to install Woody m68k for the ATARI TT030. I have copied drivers.tgz
and rescue.bin to c:\atari\images_1.44.

Now I am at the state that I want to install the base system. I have got the
6 CDs. While booting Woody from Harddisk C:\atari\bootstra.prg, Woody tells
me that it has recognized my CD ROM at SCSI ID 3 and names it sr0.

I want to install the rest from CD, espacially because on my Harddisk C:\
under TOS I have got the 8+3-name convention. The CD has directories which
succeed this convention. Example: "binary-m68k".

How can I mount the CD-ROM within installation and use it for Installation?

Thank you for your help!


Thomas Scherk, Kiel, Germany

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