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Re: Curious on 68k uses

On Fri, 3 May 2002, Dana Sibera wrote:
> I do hope this isn't an out-of-place question, however curiosity's 
> gotten the better of me
> As users of 68k hardware, in that realm we're not among the users of the 
> speediest machines hardware-wise (OS efficiency is something else 
> entirely!), what do y'all actually -do- with your 
> amiga/atari/mac/vmebus/etc boxes? Is it a learn-linux-on-a-spare-machine 
> thing, a hobby, some solid 'real work' that you do?

Since the monitor of my m68k box is the only one I can see when I'm in my
bed, its main use is to function as a dumb terminal to my i386 box; also,
I have used it as an X terminal to the same machine (but I've thrown X
from my harddisk now due to space constraints) ...

... besides the fact that it also compiles m68k packages from time to
time ;-)

wouter dot verhelst at advalvas dot be

"Human knowledge belongs to the world"
  -- From the movie "Antitrust"

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