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Re: Curious on 68k uses

> On Fri, 3 May 2002, Dana Sibera wrote:
> > As users of 68k hardware, in that realm we're not among the users of the
> > speediest machines hardware-wise (OS efficiency is something else
> > entirely!), what do y'all actually -do- with your
> > amiga/atari/mac/vmebus/etc boxes? Is it a learn-linux-on-a-spare-machine
> > thing, a hobby, some solid 'real work' that you do?

The VME boards tend to get used in control applications.  www.esrf.fr
had dozens of racks of MVME16x boards (68040) controlling stepper
motors, monitoring sensors, etc.   They did convert some from some other
OS to linux a while back, but I think they are moving to some higher
powered board (ppc) now.  I once implemented linux in eprom on a 68030
MVME147 board for a company that used them in the back of trucks to
monitor sensors down drill holes in oil exploration.  I got mail from
someone just a couple of weeks back looking at porting to some other
68040 VME board; they had 3000 in the field running some other OS and
are thinking about switching to linux.  Personally all I ever did on
mine is build/debug kernels and device drivers.  


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