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Re: HELP: Amiga 2000, Blizzard 2060---base system install fails!

On Fri, May 03, 2002 at 08:00:32PM +0200, Christer Oldhoff wrote:
> As my second email shows, I now get to the 'Choose Language Variant' screen,
> using the woody 3.0.22 disks.
> Now I also have the output of dmesg---the only problem (last line) seems to 
> be that it reports a '*keyboard self-test failure*'.

I have never seen that one...

> Do I need a new keyboard?

What type of keyboard do you have, the original A2k kb or some kind of
> Do You want the complete output from dmesg?

Yes please, I guess it does not hurt.

> In that case: included in a mail or does this list allow attachments 
> (too lazy to read the list rules, sorry...)?

I guess its just a few kb, so please attach it (in some readable
format, don't convert it to something weird.)

> >> - DEInterlace flicker fixer
> > is that external, internal or part of the P-II?
> External in the special slot next to the PSU.

External, you mean the connector where the original amiga video cable goes
Or the video _slot_, which is internal, at least in my box. If so, please
remove ;-)
Just for testing, its easier to start with a working system to find out
where it fails (not that I think that the FliFi is somehow connected to your
keyboard, but who knows...)
> You have given me a lot to try out---thanks!!

Good luck.


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