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Re: HELP: Amiga 2000, Blizzard 2060---base system install fails!

On Fri, May 03, 2002 at 12:17:25PM +0200, Christer Oldhoff wrote:
> I already had read everything that seemed relevant (Amiga specifics,
> hardware, Your FAQ...).
> I always have to press Ctrl-Amiga-Amiga twice (I have even waited about
> a minute before each) to get the Amiga to boot.

Thats a "feature" of the B2060, same problem here. I think I once had a
kernel which could properly reboot, but I don't remember details anymore.

> I guess this erases every race that dmesg might have left---it always
No, it doesn't
> reports "No SAVEKMSG magic". By the way, I *do* invoke it before *and*
> after trying the StartInstallXXX script...
> The docs mention something like 'debug=mem'; is this some switch I have to
> turn on in the StartInstall script to get the dmesg output? 

Um, yes, doesn't README.dmesg say that? Please add that to your StartInstall
>  My *hardware* is:
> - A2000B (manufactured in 1989 and bought in Germany), motherboard rev. 6.2,
>     ECS,
Mine is a little older, OCS...

> - 1 MB Chip RAM, 
> - 1 original DD floppy disk drive (DF0:),
> - DEInterlace flicker fixer (makes it possible to see all native Amiga
>     screens on my: 
is that external, internal or part of the P-II?
> - Nokia 44BN multisync monitor,
> - Picasso-II (not +) graphics card with 2 MB graphics RAM 
>     (running in linear mode),
not sure what video mode is picked by default, is the memory enough for the
resolution? Pick a lower resolution if in doubt.

> - Oktagon SCSI-II controller with old Quantum LPS52 (MB) HD---not really
>     used...
can you remove that one (physically) for testing?
> - MultiFaceCard-III interface card with parallel and serial interfaces
>     (modem, printer),
that one as well?
> - Catweasel S-Class = Buddha IDE controller + Catweasel floppy controller
S-Class? I have a Catweasel Zorro-II IIRC, works great, the IDE part.
> - Samsung SV2001H 20GB IDE HD connected to Buddha,
> - Off-the shelf PC HD floppy drive connected to Catweasel,
> - Drives connected to the on board SCSI controller of my accelerator card
>      (see below):
>   * Pioneer DR-124X SCSI CD-ROM drive 
>   * SEAGATE ST52160N 2.1GB SCSI hard drive
>   * Syquest SQ3105S 105MB SCSI cartridge disk drive 
> - Blizzard 2060/50 accelerator card (new DCE kind---bought end of 2000---not
>   from Phase5!) with SCSI controller and 2x16MB + 1x32MB 32-bit onboard

I have the "original" one

>   FASTRAM which are merged into one continuous 64MB block by Blizzard magic 
>   at boot time.

By Blizzard magic? You mean thats a hardware feature and not some weird
software you have to use? I never thought it was magic, until I first used a

>   The MAPROM feature is enabled, i.e., Kickstart ROM copied to FASTRAM at
>   booting time

can you switch that off? You do not need the kickstart once in Linux.
> Well, that's all I can think of now...
> I suspect that the B2060's boot configuration process is pretty
> non-standard, since I have not been able to use StatRAM (recoverable RAM
> Disk) since I replaced my Apollo 2030 by the Blizzard.

Try to use a simple configuration first, if it works switch on one by one.
It might be a kernel conflict with your hardware, I suspect the octagon, I
am having problems with my GVP-II controller, but not as bad problems as you

> *Software*:
> Normally I use OS3.9-BB2 (installed with the script from Amiga Inc.) with
> the MMULib 68060 libs, HSML 68060 math libs, Executive scheduler, PoolMem.
> I disabled Executive and Poolmem before trying to install Linux.
> Most hard drives use the SFS 1.93 FS.
> Apart from that, I generally try to use as few patches as possible.

software really should not matter much, you need the 060 libs to boot, maybe
ixemul for amiboot? I use a stock 3.1 ROM and WB, with only a few

> During the process of trying to install the Linux kernel I have also
> *booted* the computer *from* a pretty *virgin OS3.1 FD*, only 'enhanced' by
> the vendors 68060 libs and a CD-ROM driver.
> Clicking on 'StartInstall' instead of the 'clgen' version displays the
> graphics more slowly so I can read more, but
> *ends with the same empty blue screen*.
> The last line I can see for a short time in the scrolling text window
> preceding the blue screen begins with 'Init started...'  

So linux is running already.
> As I cannot provide dmesg output at this time, here is at least what AmiBoot
> says on startup (beware of typos):

You want to run the AOS dmesg. Please see the README again. You want to run
it after you come back from Linux. Please try again with removing not needed
hardware or disabling by a kernel switch (documented in the kernel source, or
kernel-options maybe).
Same for woody, maybe the kernel is already a little better, but try it only
with the basic hardware, ie b2060, catweasel and P-II.

> Command line is 'root=/dev/ram video=clgen:'

and here you want debug=mem to be able to use dmesg after you reboot.

> Type a key to continue the Linux/m68k boot...
thats all AOS, everything after this is Linux.

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