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Re: Bug#139770: Problem with Installing Debian on a Powerbook 190cs

Quoting "Christian T. Steigies" <cts@debian.org>:
> The keyboard is called ADB, isn't it?
>  ADB support works intermittently in the latest 2.4.1 kernel, although
>  usually only in the Dock. 
> ADB is listed in yellow (works sort of), please ask on a mac list if nobody
> here can give you info.
> Also this webpage probably only talks about the latest experimental kernel,
> which can not be used by debian. You might have to get another kernel
> yourself and try with that (ie 2.4.x).

ADB is Apple Desktop Bus. This is used to connect keyboard and mouse to these
older Mac's.
Powerbook ADB doesn't work with 2.2.x kernels. Only 2.4.x and then again still
troublesome: sometimes, on some machines it'll stop working and some machines
will interpret this as a sign to switch off to preserve the battery. See the
linux-mac68k maillist for more details (linux-mac68k@mac.linux-m68k.org).

HTH, Erik

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