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Re: Bug#139770: Problem with Installing Debian on a Powerbook 190cs

On Mon, Mar 25, 2002 at 12:40:59PM +0100, Herr Mathias Tradinik wrote:
> you can find that documnet under:
> http://www.linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/BootPrompt-HOWTO.html
> I thought it just skips testing the ide!

  "hdx=noprobe"              : drive may be present, but do not probe for it

I understand this as "ignore it"? And if it is ignored, it will never be

> i just have IDE on my PB190
> but on Duo230 (and it is listed in the support-list) as partly, I have SCSI
> and it hangs at the same stage(when the Release Notes are displayed)

> Yes I tried to press return key, no key on the keyboard works!!!

Thats what I thought.
> The support list sayes a Duo 230 should work particular.
> a PB 190 is'nt in the list, but why does the Duo230 have the same problem
> although it should work??????

The keyboard is called ADB, isn't it?
 ADB support works intermittently in the latest 2.4.1 kernel, although
 usually only in the Dock. 
ADB is listed in yellow (works sort of), please ask on a mac list if nobody
here can give you info.
Also this webpage probably only talks about the latest experimental kernel,
which can not be used by debian. You might have to get another kernel
yourself and try with that (ie 2.4.x).
> sorry but, i don't knew another way anymore I've tried the mailing list, but
> nobody could help me there!!!
> please vorgive me if this was wrong.

I don't think its a boot-floppy problem, since they seem to work. Only your
keyboard is not supported and that is a bug (or can we call it a feature?)
in the kernel-image that was used by the boot-floppies build. But I did not
expect you to know that, and no it does not help if you report a bug against
that kernel-image now (unless you supply a patch that fixes the keyboard

> I thought that when there is a problem like that on a machine that should be
> supported( Duo230) and it hangs it could be a bug!!

I do not think it hangs. Its just your keyboard that is not working. If you
could connect a serial console, you might be able to do the install. But
even then you could not use the keyboard after the install.


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