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Re: Bug#139770: Problem with Installing Debian on a Powerbook 190cs

On Sun, Mar 24, 2002 at 11:55:54PM +0100, Herr Mathias Tradinik wrote:
Do you mind to continue this discussion on the debian-68k user list? There
are many m68k mac users out there which might be able to help.

> Package: boot-floppies
> Version: woody, date of download: 22.3.2002
> architecture: m68k
> model: Powerbook 190cs
> memory: 24MB/40MB
> scsi: none
> cd-rom: none
> network card: none
> pcmcia: none
> I tried to install Debian in the Üowerbook descirbed above. The first time the Kernel stopped at the line "ide0: Powerbook ide Controller......."
> then I added the Boot Parameter "hda=noporbe"

you mean "hda=noprobe" ? Is that documented somewhere, I found nothing after
a quick search. noprobe sounds like you switch off IDE, where do you want to
install to when you do not have SCSI? Or what don't I understand here (note:
I am not a mac user)? You do have an IDE disk (not listed)?
> after that it continued and loaded the Instller (Blue Screen: Title
> Release Note(red))
> there's a 'Continue' -Button at the lower end. But I cant get further. I
> semms to me nothing is going anymore. I can't scroll up and down and I
> can't press Continue. What's wrong???????

Did you try to press the "Return" key on your keyboard? At this stage of the
installation I would be very suprised if your mouse would be working
> If tried to install it on two other types of Powerbooks: one Powerbook Duo
> 230 na done Powerbook 280. Both did the same as the Powerbook 190.

Did you actually check if your hardware is supported by linux-m68k? I
remember something about PB190 and everything but the keyboard working, but
I may be wrong, things might have changed. I did not find you models noted on
the mac status page, maybe you could ask some mac kernel hackers.
> I would be glad if you could help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And thats why you reported a bug? 


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