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Re: Installation on a LCII

> Maybe Mac's specs say 10MB is max. But is that true? They also say
72MB is max
> on the PowerMac 66; but you can still use two 64MB chips and come up
with 136.
> If you have the two 16MB 30 pin SIMMS, it's worth a shot.
Yeah, unfortunately, in this case it is.  64mb simms had not be released
nor certified when the PPC 6100 came out.  I have an LC575 that I'm
planning on getting Debian on to next, and it is running great with a
64mb simm.  The LCI, LCII, Color Classic, etc are 24bit CPU's running on
a 16bit bus with 30 pin simms.  By design, they were limited to only
10mb maximum.

You can give it a shot, but don't expect a miracle:)


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