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Re: Installation problem on Mac LC 630

Jan Brejcha wrote:
> I am installing on an LC 630 (20 MB RAM, 50 MB partition for MacOS, 300 MB
> partion for Debian, TV Tuner Card) using the system CD (making boot floppy
> nor installing a boot loader is possible) Debian 2.2r4, using Penguin-19,
> ramdisk root.bin from the CD and the kernel vmlinux2.2.19 ("linux" from the
> CD nor 2.4 does work).
> After selecting "Configuring device driver modules" I get the option to
> "load some modules from a floppy disk... which is not required" and I press
> OK to skip this step. Then a window appears saying "Problem: no modules were
> found in /target/lib/modules/2.2.19 that could be configured. Please install
> the modules first." Here I get stuck.
> Please help me with this installation!

Much of the drivers in the linux-mac68k kernel are builtin. If you don't
need any modules, simply skip this step and or ignore the error.
Otherwise please compile you own, or get the 2.2.19 kernel with
accompanying modules from linux-mac68k.sourceforge.net and install the
modules in /target/lib/modules/2.2.19 prior to this step (using a second

HTH, Erik.
Erik Laan elaan at dds.nl (preferred), elaan at freeler.nl (messages

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