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Re: Installation on a LCII

> No it's a 68030 without an FPU with only two 30 pin slots on the
motherboard to
> upgrade for memory. Hopefully, use two 16MB 30 pin SIMMS:)
> No bugs in this CPU.

You are definitely going to want the FPU and unfortunately max ram on
the LCII is 10mb.  You could swap out the board with an LCIII and get a
68030 at 20 or 25 mhz(LCIII+), socket on the MB for an FPU, and a single
32mb 72 pin simm would put you at 36mb total.  I run Debian rather
nicely on a Color Classic II which has the same board as the LCIII.

Trevor J. Mahan
Gris Gris Designs

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