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Re: Installation on a LCII

"Eureka!" wrote:
> Im used to install debian on i386 platforms but its the first time i
> have to do this on a mac.
> I need your help, if you can tell me this old machine is supported and
> how can I do it with floppies.
> I dont want to throw this little-old-jewel away!

Look for instructions, docs and software at the site of the Linux-Mac68k
project: linux-mac68k.sourceforge.net. You'll find a list of supported
hardware over there. Please read the CPU part of the FAQ in the
Documentation section carefully, you probably have a buggy 68LC040
processor (I'm guessing by the name of your machine).

HTH, Erik
Erik Laan elaan at dds.nl (preferred), elaan at freeler.nl (messages

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