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Re: [jules@jellybean.co.uk: Requesting help building lyx]

On Thu, Aug 30, 2001 at 09:43:41PM +0100, Jules Bean wrote:
> Got the list name wrong, didn't I?
yup, you did, but it seems it is reflected to the list anyway.
> LyX is contrib, but the non-free library it depends upon,
> libforms0.89, is up-to-date on m68k and powerpc, AFAICS, so that
> should be OK.
what happened to libforms, quite some time since I last built it, has it
still not become free? We were promised that several times...
> Trying to access the build logs doesn't bring up anything, so I assume 
> a build hasn't been attempted?
No, AFAIR the autobuilders only build main. We do not waste debian resources
on non-free software, usually.
> The packages has been successfully autobuilt on sparc and alpha, so it 
> must be basically buildable ;)
lyx 1.1.5fix2-1 ? Hmm, whats wrong with my sources list, I always get
antique packages... I'll try to get 1.1.6
> I'm happy to do the build myself, if there are machines available to
> me with sid libraries (a breif look at the machine matrix suggests
> there isn't, for m68k).
We are using chroots, its enough when the unstable packages are running in
a chroot. No big deal for you to get an account there, but I don't think we
let everybody have root on that boxes... 

I'll give it a shot, I think I have built earlier versions without problems, 
no promises though.


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