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Re: [jules@jellybean.co.uk: Requesting help building lyx]

Jules Bean <jules@jellybean.co.uk> writes:

> LyX is contrib, but the non-free library it depends upon,
> libforms0.89, is up-to-date on m68k and powerpc, AFAICS, so that
> should be OK.
> Trying to access the build logs doesn't bring up anything, so I assume
> a build hasn't been attempted?
> The packages has been successfully autobuilt on sparc and alpha, so it 
> must be basically buildable ;)

No, the problem is a lovely little build-dependency chain of despair:

 lyx -> nowebm -> icon

Icon has some assembly language core so can only be recompiled
(without further work) on i386, alpha and sparc[1].  Soooo... if you
want lyx to be recompiled on any but those 3 architectures[2], you
realistically need to get rid of the nowebm build-dependency in some
way.  Could you not run nowebm yourself and include it's output in the
source package, perhaps?  I _believe_ this is what AJ did for ifupdown
to avoid this problem, but my memory may be playing tricks on me.


[1] powerpc has an older version of icon but newer versions appear to
    have dropped the support for it.

[2] Okay, there are other ways, but none of them are particularly
    appealing; i.e. fix nowebm not to use icon (hah) or convince
    someone to write the requiste assembler for the other 9
    architectures (double hah).

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