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Re: Another stuck amigan

On Thu, Jul 12, 2001 at 12:02:09AM +0100, Andrew Martin wrote:
> I've just tried it with 4 colour depth, seill gives
> the same error:
no you didn't, see below.
> fbdevscreeninit: unable to set screen params (invalid
> arguement)
> I know it says that you should give the full server
> out put but i cant find where the hell it logs it too,
> ive tried /var/log/ and some other X related places :(
startx >log 2>&1
Tried to read a unix book recently? You should, it will help you a great
deal in the future.
> By the way the XF86Config was there I sent it as an
> attachment, I can see the mail I sent list which has
Well, somehow you are right, but you've used a special encoding:
[-- Attachment #2: XF86Config --]
[-- Type: X-unknown/X-unknown, Encoding: base64, Size: 4.9K --]
Ok, I can see it now, but please teach your mail program to use a propper
encoding (if it has to encode textfiles at all...)

> Section "Screen"
> 	Driver "fbdev"
> 	Device "Linux Frame Buffer Device"
> 	Monitor "My Monitor"
> 	DefaultColorDepth 8 
> 	SubSection "Display"
> 		Depth 4
> 		Modes "640x256" "640x512"
> 		Virtual 640 256
> 	EndSubsection
> 	SubSection "Display"
> 		Depth	8
> 		Modes	"640x512"
> 		Virtual	640 512
> 	EndSubsection
> EndSection
> I already looked at /usr/share/doc/xserver-fbdev, the
> example wasn't "overly" helpful, it was geared more
> towards monitors.
> But the readme give me some ideas, I tried the above
> with 4 colours and also with Mode "Default" as
> suggested, still doesn't work :(

>  --- "Christian T. Steigies" <cts@debian.org> wrote: >
> > Did you check the FAQ?
> > Did you change the DefaultColorDepth to 4, as I
It says 8 in your config. Please READ what I write. And stop the TOFU.

Christian (yeah, I am annoyed when people do not read. Nothing personal.)

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