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Re: Another stuck amigan

On Wed, Jul 11, 2001 at 11:04:01PM +0100, Andrew Martin wrote:
> Thanks for the pointers, when I boot X it seems to
> like my mouse settings now thanks to gpm, however its
> still not booting X properly, I keep getting a
> FBDevParamIniterror "Cant find screen params"
> (Paraphrasing the error there from the top of my head)
The most important thing is to give us the _EXACT_ error message... isnt
that what X tells you when it "crashes"?
> Can someone have a look at my XF86Config and gimme
> some advice
Yeah right, lemme see. Ah, and here is the solution... WHICH config?
> heres my setup: standard a1200 using a telly as
> display, im using the amifb:pal and pal-lace boot
> parameters (basically im trying ANYTHING to get this
> to work!)
> Andrew
> ps Yeah I know there are some dodgy commented out
> lines, I was just experimenting!
where? I only see you citing a PM from somebody else, no XF86Config?
Did you check the FAQ?
Did you change the DefaultColorDepth to 4, as I guess thats the maximum you
can use in that mode?

You say the console is working and only xfree does not find valid modes? My
first bet: you did not adjust the Defaultcolordepth. I thought we put a note
in the installation that you'd have to change this value in case you system
is not capable of 8-bit color?


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