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Re: Another stuck amigan

Thanks for the pointers, when I boot X it seems to
like my mouse settings now thanks to gpm, however its
still not booting X properly, I keep getting a

FBDevParamIniterror "Cant find screen params"

(Paraphrasing the error there from the top of my head)

Can someone have a look at my XF86Config and gimme
some advice

Do I need some "ModeLine" references in there?

I can only manage to get it to give me a blank screen

heres my setup: standard a1200 using a telly as
display, im using the amifb:pal and pal-lace boot
parameters (basically im trying ANYTHING to get this
to work!)


ps Yeah I know there are some dodgy commented out
lines, I was just experimenting!

 --- JOHN NICHOLAS OAKES <doyene@zetnet.co.uk> wrote:
> In message
> <20010709223928.21158.qmail@web10006.mail.yahoo.com>
> Andrew Martin wrote:
> >I resolved my dns by changing some text files by
> hand
> >:) pppconfigure wasn't doing it right anyway!
> PPPConfigure is better that Wvdial in that you do
> not have too recall another
> console window to login.
> Which Lynx are you using, try Lynx.ssl or LINKS are
> a lot better for https:// sites.
> As for you mouse problem, have you installed gpm to
> install /dev/amigamouse.
> If you work off the same way as my Atari video
> limitation:
> 320x200 low rez 16 colours
> 600x200 med rez 4 colours
> 600x400 hi rez 2 colours
> Linux fbdev is default 4
> on your bootargs file you should be able to adjust
> video setting mention previously by Johathan Wallace
> When you do manage to get X up and running your best
> window manager should be ICEWM.
> You will find that it will be slow  due to processor
> speed my is Atari TT030  68030 32mhz.
> Just start with the basics
> 1. install standard setup with apt not X yet
> 2. sit back have a cup of tea or cut the grass I
> noticed it's getting long.
> 3. make sure it has configured what needed.
> 4. shutdown -rnf 0
> 5. alter bootargs if needed.
> 6. restart your linux bootup to get back in and
> select dselect again
> 7. if you have installed all three cd disks check
> that the kettle has enough water it was looking low.
> 8. some of the installation sellected will not have
> been installed note (n*) next to certain files.
> 9. Select mc (MIDNIGHT COMMANDER) this will add gpm
> to your list. You probable noticed
> that you have bulging eyes and a knackered finger
> and dreaming of the trees as your home. dont'
> worry it will wear off. A quick method to select
> each section ie admin, base libs X hit your space
> bar.
> this will jump twenty lines.
> 10. Make your selection press return press install
> watch out for those cd change overs there a sod
> when you have gone out for bite.
> 11 Give us a shout preferably not foxtrot oscar if
> you get stuck.
> regards
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