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Re: boot-floppies for testing

On Mon, Jul 02, 2001 at 02:26:04AM -0400, Ray Knight wrote:
> If it's not to much trouble, I think you should update the boot floppies
> to use Penguin 19.  Penguin 19 can replace both Penguin 17 and 18 as it
> works on all of the supported Macs.  This would eliminate confusion
> about which version of Penguin to use with which model of Macintosh.  
No big problem, just tell me where to get it from? It really REALLY replaces
both? That would be good news indeed. Any volunteer to update the
quickinstall with respect to that? Or maybe even to all the other changes...
> I just tried this on an LC475 (LC040 replaced with full 040) 36MB Ram
> and an a Sonic LC Ethernet card.  I used network install option and its
> downloading Packages.gz now.  I'll post to debian-boot if it is
> successful and here if it is not.


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